Backyard Bible Clubs

What is a Backyard Bible Club?

Backyard Bible Clubs are basically a smaller version of Vacation Bible School but hosted from backyards.

Why are we doing Backyard Bible Clubs instead of VBS?

With guidelines for crowd size and timelines still unclear for June, we want to be careful to protect those at risk. Backyard Bible Clubs allow us to share the gospel with kids in smaller, safer settings throughout the summer. While we would have preferred to keep VBS on our campuses, there are some benefits to the Backyard Bible Club format:

  • Neighborhood relationship can be used or established, leading to missional opportunities
  • Times can be flexible, allowing for different weeks and different times of day
  • Smaller groups can reduce the amount of time needed to teach the lessons and transition from one thing to another
  • Those who would like to host can have the option to teach as well or simply host and let other helpers do all of the teaching
  • Activities can be done outside, in a garage, or on a porch
  • You can build a team from your Connect Group or others that you know, or you can use a Hillcrest team member to help you recruit, plan, and promote your BBC

What can I do?

Volunteers can sign up to be a host or a helper. Hosts provide the physical location for the Backyard Bible Club. Helpers will assist the host by handling one or more teaching responsiblities, helping children with tasks, or performing other duties as needed. Hosts are also welcome to volunteer as teachers as well. Because multiple weeks are being offered, some may choose to host a club and also help with others.

Fill in the form here to let our team know that you are interested, and we will work with you to make sure that you have everything you need to implement your own club or connect you with a club that needs help.

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